Yellowhead Agricultural Society Riding Rules

ALL USERS must have a current YAS Membership in order to use the facilities. YAS memberships expire Sept 30th each year.  Cost is $5.00.  Forms available at arena or on website under Documents.

·         Public /Open Riding rate is $10.00 per horse, per arena use., unless you have an Yearly Single or Family Riding Membership.  Private bookings rate is $25.00 per hour.

·         Public/Open Riding means NO clinics, classes or lessons (monetary fee paid to individual(s) for services) are permitted.  Equipment set up (i.e.: Barrels, Jumps) can occur ONLY if all users present agree to set up.  Private rentals are to be used outside of Public/Open Riding Days for those purposes.

·         Private Rentals are to stay within their booked time; penalties will apply to those users not complying with their time slot and to those who interfere with Private Bookings.

·         Arena will not be locked.  HONOR system will apply. 

·         Private Rentals take precedence over Public Riding.  Except on those days designated as Open Riding.

·         Everyone using the arena must work together to create an efficient and safe environment.

·         You MUST clean up after yourself and your horse.  This includes inside and outside of the arena. (i.e.: Horse hair, manure, hoof trimmings, empty wheel barrel). 

·         No Horse Shoeing.

·         Last person out is responsible for turning off lights and closing doors.

·         No Dogs allowed while arena in use with Horses.

·         No overnight stalling or feeding in Indoor arena.

·         No Vehicles/ATVs permitted inside the arena without YAS Board approval.

·         No Glass Bottles allowed on YAS grounds.

·     Arena closes at -20C.

       Arena surveillance is closely monitored.  Failure to adhere to the rules may result in a verbal or written warning.  Repeated offences may result in a loss of membership, facility use and/or a monetary penalty to the member(s).


    Rules subject to change as per YAS Directors.